First meeting!

We had our first meeting on Thursday, and it was great! Thanks to everyone for coming out.

We started off with an introduction to the farm, complete with Ari’s lovely slideshow. Then we broke into 3 subgroups:

PLANTING– One group talked about planting, and we are really excited to explore cultural gardens, permaculture, seed trials, biodynamics, and medicinal herbs. We’ll also continue to think about the reflection garden and our chickens!

FARM VISITS– We are going to organize events both on and off campus this spring. Stay tuned for announcements about lambing, farm work parties, a trip to a maple sugaring operation, and more. Ari will be taking a crew up to High Mowing Seeds in Wolcott, VT next weekend (3/16). Other dreams include a window gardening workshop and some edible landscaping on campus.

RESOURCES– Because we don’t YET have a food and agriculture studies program, we at MCOF are going to create our own! We are going to work to re-vamp THIS site, to make it into even more of a food resource. We’ll also work on connecting other food groups on some sort of umbrella site. There is so much already happening with food on this campus, and we want to aggregate it so everyone can take part! We’re also going to think about what sort of events we’d like to organize this spring. Hopefully a food/farm film fest, perhaps out at the knoll?

Our meeting was so, so fun. Thanks to everyone for being there and for being excited and for being YOU. Come on out next week: Thursday, 6:30 pm in the Hillcrest Orchard. And as always, email to get involved — we love new ideas and new energy. Image


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