GMOs and the right to know

We went to the Right to Know GMO forum last week, and learned all about the current GMO labeling bill that’s currently heading through the VT legislature. Folks are hopeful that we’ll have labels on our food soon! Check out this website:

As this bill makes its way through the VT legislature, it could use YOUR help. The legislature needs to hear a whole bunch of voices in support of this bill. SO, you can:

– sign the petition:


– Make a phone call or write a letter to the legislators who represent us (in Middlebury). Below is both contact info for our 2 congressfolk, as well as a form letter you could use to write to them. Of course, you can also write your own!!

Senator Claire Ayer 802.759.2748

Senator Chris Bray 802.453.4424

Representative Betty A. Nuovo: 802-388-2024

Representative Paul Ralston: 802-349-7100



My name is …. and I am a student at Middlebury College concerned about GMOs in our food. (Though I am not a resident of this state, I look to Vermont to be a leader in making our food system safe and sustainable./ I am planning on moving to Vermont / create your own).

I am writing to you to encourage your support / thank you for supporting H112, and urge you to do everything in your power to make sure it passes quickly.

The issue of GMOs is important to me because… (to learn more about GMOs, check out this website:

Thank you,

(your name)




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