New Boss

Sophie was gone this week, meaning that we farm interns were on our own! We will have to see what our more experienced garden mentors think when they look at the farm next week, but I think we did ok…. The only things that died were those that we pulled out, and they already were done growing.

This week, rather than ask Sophie or Jay questions during our daily walkabout, we could ask the soil, the plants, or my iPhone weather app (ha). So, I guess we did have a boss– the farm! We decided whether to water, plant, harvest, pull out zucchini, based upon what we thought the farm told us it needed.

It’s been great to realize that, though our ears haven’t opened nearly as wide as Jay or Sophies’, we have learned enough over the course of the summer to be able to listen to the farm, to hear and help along its wishes and needs for a short time.


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